The new exhibition hall of Hai Shi Man is officially completed. Welcome customers and friends to visit and taste it!

Exploration and innovation Is an important driving force for enterprise development Under the new era of tuyere Sea poetry is also looking for change

exploration and innovation
Is an important driving force for enterprise development
Under the new era of tuyere
Sea poetry is also looking for change
Trying to interpret the category hardware with a trend concept that tends to be cutting-edge.
From the perspective of ingenuity, to explore the trend of the category of hardware wind direction

More than four months of planning, design, decoration and layout
Hai Shi Man hardware new exhibition hall officially put into use
The new exhibition hall follows the modern light luxury style
Fashion trend and ingenuity quality perfect match
Life and Art Parallel, Function and Aesthetics
Trying to give every merchant friend who comes to visit
Bring an exquisite experience trip

Life and Art Parallel

The new exhibition hall breaks through the traditional thinking of listing products intensively. Based on innovation, it creates a unique visual experience through simple line design and deep spatial layout. According to the category of products, the exhibition hall is designed in different areas, incorporating more functional elements to form a multi-level and multi-angle interactive experience.


Color collocation is like the coat of the exhibition hall, and the unique color combination makes the new exhibition hall wonderful and individual. Time-honored Emperor Shi Qing, with fashionable and elegant gray, is noble in simplicity. The integration of Emperor Shiqing and elegant ash, the collision of metal and plate, an innate harmony and calmness, fully demonstrates the brand image and taste pursuit of Hai Shiman.



function and aesthetics

In addition to the overall image upgrade, the new exhibition hall of Haishiman pays more attention to the customer's experience, combines ingenuity with practicality, and creates a reasonable layout based on scenes. Through the division of different use spaces, the design of one scene with multiple objects, situational and home-based experience is realized, so that every ingenuity can be perfectly integrated into the scene and bring you a life experience within reach.


Light luxury with degree of detail to convey advanced

Years of focus on manufacturing process experience accumulation, so that the details to the extreme, categories of hardware no longer only meet the functional requirements, pay more attention to the pursuit of quality and taste. Incorporate more modern and fashionable elements to deduce the quality of light luxury life as a whole; With the integration of ecological concepts, the lock panel can also be customized according to the door material and wall color plate, integrating the lock with the environment, and the lock is no longer a cold external role!



The exhibition hall not only has all kinds of door locks, but also brings together the new pocket doors, central axle doors, hidden doors, barn doors, bus doors and ghost doors in the market, which can meet all kinds of hardware services for you. Different ways to open the door and experience one-stop satisfaction, tired, in our bar area to taste specially prepared for you freshly ground coffee, food and aesthetic experience will make you glad you came.


New Exhibition Hall

Is a new beginning

Is a kind of ingenuity service sublimation

Is the embodiment of a brand promotion

This place with beauty and quality

We will not live up to everyone's expectations.

Here, Hai Shi Man invites

Customers, friends to visit the new exhibition hall

Unlock the new experience of category hardware art together

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