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How to choose a safe and reliable intelligent door lock please pay attention to these points!

人气:140Time:2022/4/18 4:34:43
How to choose a safe reliable intelligent door lock please pay attention to a few key points.
1. Don't be too functional

In fact, smart door locks do not need many functions, we only need to choose one or two commonly used functions can be. For example, use a password or fingerprint. This way, you don't have to carry your keys with you, and security is greatly improved. As for other complex functions, they are not used very often. This can reduce unnecessary functions and reduce our expenses. Secondly, the corresponding number of complex functions have higher risks, which can reduce security risks.

2. Security performance of intelligent door lock
The security performance of intelligent door lock is the most critical, after all, its role in addition to the additional intelligence, the most important is anti-theft security. So when we buy, we can ask the seller to produce the inspection certificate from the relevant department.

3. Pay attention to the manufacturer of the door lock
Today's smart door lock market is multifarious, fish dragon mixed beads. We should pay more attention to the manufacturers of door locks. Try to buy those who can directly find the manufacturer, after-sales service by the manufacturer to be responsible for the door lock, because intelligent door lock this emerging electronic products after-sales problems than ordinary mechanical lock is high, after problems, quality after-sales service is particularly important.

4. Brand selection
Try to choose big factory brand is also an important standard for us to buy intelligent door lock, do not choose some three products because of greed for small and cheap.

5. Product price
At present, the price range of intelligent door locks is quite large, cheap hundreds of dollars, expensive tens of thousands of not unexpected. And stand in the Angle of ordinary consumer, in fact 2000 to 3000 yuan or so of intelligent door lock is more appropriate.

In recent years "upgrade" consumption has become a lot of people in the choose and buy the motive of smart home products, including smart door lock is more as a dark horse came into our life, its type ", nice and smart "Jue, also reminded us always tireless pursuit of shopping experience, but the results are not very ideal.
In order to enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent products and ensure the safety of product use, the country should establish a unified standard as soon as possible to regulate the industry.
The era of intelligent door lock has come. Mechanical lock for thousands of years has been endowed with more technological imprints of The Times. Now the development of technology has brought more convenience to human life, choose a smart door lock, for their home life to add a wisdom and security.


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