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What are people looking for when they search for "smart locks"?

人气:123Time:2022/4/18 4:39:59
In 2019, the top four keywords in consumer smart lock search are: safety, installation, evaluation, brand, and the top four keywords in 2020 are: brand, safety, installation, and recommendation. The top four didn't change much in 2020 compared to 2019, except that last year's key word reviews became recommendations. Now, let's analyze these four keywords one by one.

This word is a change from 2019. What does that mean? From this, it can be seen that consumers become more willing to listen to users or Kols (opinion leaders) who already use smart locks and tend to listen to their recommendations on smart locks when searching for smart locks. KOL includes Internet celebrities, stars, field experts, smart lock industry practitioners, etc.

Users who already use smart locks may not have the most opinion. Professional, but definitely the most. In line with users' daily life scenes, their experience in use is the most intuitive and likely to be encountered by other users, and users are prone to a sense of substitution.

Consumer trust in the brand is not only reflected in the smart lock industry, in all walks of life is a universal phenomenon. Because consumers have no specific concept of an unfamiliar product, they tend to choose well-known brands in the industry to have a preliminary understanding, because a good brand represents comprehensive strength, including reputation, product quality, product design, after-sales service and so on.

This is also the reason why lock enterprises in the industry pay attention to brand building. Although there will be a lot of investment, the power of the brand will gradually become popular and occupy the most important position in the same category. From the brand keywords have occupied the forefront of consumer search rankings, it can be seen that in order to further open consumers' awareness of smart lock, lock enterprises need to continue in brand building.

The user's need for security overrides all the features of any smart lock. In recent years, negative news about smart lock has been constantly, but also reflects the reason why consumers attach importance to smart lock security keywords.

Product safety performance is the cornerstone of locking enterprises in the industry of similar products, function, appearance and so on are the battleship escort for its. It is suggested that lock enterprises will take the quality of products as an important development strategy, on this basis, extend to more intelligent, more by consumers like quality products.

The installation
The high search volume of installation keywords reflects the importance consumers attach to after-sales installation. The installation of smart locks is known as the last mile of smart locks. If the installation service is not in place, it will not only lead to poor consumer experience, but also damage the corporate image.

The importance of installation, but also reflects the concern of consumers on the installation of smart lock will cause damage to the door, high-quality installation will not cause difficult to recover the damage to the door, if the installation of smart lock will cause great damage to the door, why should consumers choose? Therefore, have a high quality installation team, but also lock enterprises must pay attention to the problem.

Smart lock is attracting more and more attention from consumers, which is worth celebrating. However, through the analysis of the associative results of smart lock and fingerprint lock keywords above, it can be seen that consumers still focus on smart lock in recent two years. For lock enterprises, either because consumers do not know much about the product, or because consumers do not recognize the product.

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