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Why are more and more new homes fitted with smart locks?

人气:141Time:2022/4/18 4:44:43
With the development of economy and the continuous improvement of residents' income, more and more people buy houses and have their own homes. Many residents in the new house before the new house will be renovated, the living environment to create their favorite style.

So, do I need to change the door lock? It is recommended to change. Property key hidden danger

The lock key of the new house is issued by the property management. At present, AB lock is generally used for the key of commercial house. The so-called AB lock refers to a lock with two sets of keys.

A key (also known as the decoration key), generally have two, is the decoration of the decoration master with; B Keys (also known as householder keys), usually there are five or six for the householder.

Before the decoration, the householder B key has not been used, and the structure of the lock core matches that of A key.

When the decoration is finished, the owner only needs to insert the B key. Rotate 360 degrees into the lock core, the marble inside the lock core will fall down, A key will be invalid. At this time, the structure of the lock core is consistent with the B key, and the A key can not be used.

The reason why the A key of the anti-theft door lock will fail under the action of the B key is mainly because the two keyholes and teeth are different.

That is to say, A, B key comes from same mother lock, distinction is in the position of A few marbles only, professional personage is ok compare according to decorate A key to deserve A householder key, can open your door easily.

Therefore, for the safety of the family, it is recommended to replace the new lock. So, what kind of lock is safe and can meet their daily needs? The wisdom of the present, of course

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