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Kitchen hardware pendant purchase, installation

人气:165Time:2022/4/18 4:46:13
In domestic kitchen life, kitchen hardware pendant is indispensable, choose appropriate pendant only, undertake reasonable installation, ability rises greatly utility, so kitchen hardware pendant choose and buy, how much do you know about installation? Today xiaobian makes a detailed introduction to the selection and purchase of kitchen hardware pendant and installation.

Kitchen hardware pendant for purchase

1, from the material point of view, there is stainless steel; Stainless steel material does not change color nor rust, easy to clean, beautiful and generous is people's favorite pendant choice. But there are also shoddy stainless steel, which is easy to rust. It gets ugly over time. Having iron coated with silver; Having zinc alloys; Copper pendants are also available. Copper pendants are made of copper, heavier than similar products, the material is strong and more durable. When choosing kitchen pendant, want to see first, the appearance that sees pendant is reasonable and benefit at placing kitchen utensils and appliances. Feel it to see if the surface is smooth and delicate. Magnets can also be used to distinguish iron from other materials.

2, kitchen hardware pendant can effectively place kitchen utensils, so that the kitchen supplies will be orderly, easy to use. Still can use stereo space reasonably, enlarged the space of the kitchen, kitchen face is neat not messy. Some of the hooks of hardware pendant can be moved, so that it can be more conducive to the discharge of goods. For example, the pendant of the chopping board can be used after cleaning the erection of shelving, so that the panel can be clean and dry, not easy to mildew. For example, the chopstick is perfect in some details. Its rake Angle is good for placing chopsticks. Anyhow, kitchen hardware hangs, no matter be in material qualitative still be in the demand that accords with people very much on style design, had the effect that receives reasonably.

3, in the purchase of exquisite, bright kitchen pendants, we should pay attention to the quality of metal pendants, be sure to choose excellent steel as material, exquisite electroplating technology of goods.

Installation of kitchen hardware pendant

1, the measurement of the cabinet. The cabinet body of the cabinet can be a wall, also can be a sandwich, so as to ensure the effective use of space, and not deformation, but must do the top and bottom level, vertical on both sides, if there is error, the height difference between the left and right sides of the hole is less than 5mm, the bottom wheel of the cabinet door can make up for the error through the debugging system.

2, ground cabinet installation: before installing the ground cabinet, workers should clean the kitchen floor, in order to accurately measure the ground level. If the cabinet and the ground can not reach the level of installation, the gap of the cabinet door can not be balanced. The installation workers can understand the ground level after using a level to measure the ground and the wall, and finally adjust the cabinet level.

3, condole installation: installed in condole ark can ground ark after the installation, install condole ark, to ensure that the level of the expansion bolt, need to draw a horizontal line in metope, normally horizontal distance is 650 mm with mesa, consumers can according to their own height, to master adjustment of the distance between the ground ark and condole ark, for later use.

4, cabinet table installation: table installation, be sure to level. One of the advantages of artificial stone is seamless stitching, if you can clearly see the glue line, the joint must not do a good job, do not care how many reasons the installation workers said.

5, hardware installation: birdbath, faucet, pull basket is also a cabinet

Above is small make up the relevant answer that hangs to kitchen hardware choose and buy, installation, hope everybody passes above relevant introduction, choose to product, undertake reasonable installation, convenient your use.

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