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Door lock common sense introduction

人气:183Time:2022/4/18 4:49:54
What locks are easily broken

1. Lock core of iron coil door -- easily damaged.

2. General padlock comb tools -- easy to be cut and broken.

3. Regular bulllock -- easily vandalized and violently turned away.

4. Auxiliary lock (conical type projecting door panel)-- easy to be broken by prying.

5. Electric coil door switch box lock installed outside the door -- easy to pry open.

6. Three-section lock split core -- easy to be turned away by violence. (Note that the locksmith was lazy when installing the lock and did not fix the lock core fixed plate)

7. The lock core (where the key is inserted) is made of copper (such as the engine lock), which is fragile and easily broken

8. Engine lock -- Prone to violent twisting.

9. Motorcycle tyre lock of inferior product -- easy to cut. Can thinking about a bargain help you look after your car?

10. Drawer locks are easily broken -- don't put anything valuable in them.

11. Ordinary aluminum door locks are easily damaged due to their fragile core structure.

Two, how to maintain the lock

Keep your heart out of the rain. Flush, because there are little springs in there that will rust and fail.

2. The key of the locomotive should not be a large bunch, connected in series. When the locomotive is running, the key shaking and weight will wear the lock heart, and the key of the long will slip out.

3. When the key is not well inserted or taken out, spray some light lubricating oil,(such as W40) can not be too thick oil will not be active.

4. Some locks cannot be oiled, such as child and mother beads.

5. Spray some lubricating oil on the inclined tongue when the door lock fails to open and close.

6. Automatic lock (three sections. There should be a slight gap can not be too tight,(such as when unlocking the door to open by hand) the lock is easy to break.

7. The door gap should not be too big, easy to be removed and shaking sound.

8. The anti-theft door has a latticed pattern, which is used to prevent it from being stretched into the skew lock to open the automatic lock and pull the door open.

9. Do not open the door directly with the key, but turn the key to open the door. If the lock heart does not return to its original position, pull the key to open the door directly, and the lock will protest goodbye to you in a short time.

Three, lock, people are locked by their own, there is a key can not open

1. The horn lock will be locked inside the room, and people can't get out or into the room, and they can't open it with the key. That's because the latch of the slanting tongue is unhooked, and the grip can't drive the slanting tongue by idling. In the grip of neck place there is a small hole, the interpolation with the flat cogged pulled out at the same time, grasp the pry open cover after release, two fixed screw thoughts turned away, lock body to launch only latch, looking for a needle nose pliers or flat mouth screwdriver, to latch led to cross don't let go, let it go after go back, and pushed the door open. And you're done! When people outside: find a chick forceps or water pipe wrench, clamp beep the grip force twist lock, grasps the lock and cover left out, and then within the lock body to knock out (unable to pull out, lock body got stuck inside the cover) can see inclined tongue, looking for a needle nose pliers or flat mouth screwdriver, to latch led to cross don't let go, let it go after go back, and pushed the door open. You're done!! ☆ In case of emergency, this method can be used. ☆ Because the lock has broken down, it is recommended to find a locksmith.

2. Three sections of lock because of the anti-lock twist did not twist open and forced to close the door, at this time there is a key also can not open only to find locksmith ---- what do not? That only climb into the transcannel ----- break the glass ---- saw through the iron railings? -- -- -- -- -- o 4. Automatic lock, children locked inside won't turn on (mostly in 2-4 years old children like to play with locked torsion), you don't be nervous, it will frighten children, coax him open the door, induced he turn counterclockwise (if you're standing at the door, facing the door, is to turn to your right hand side) so quintuplet-lock, have a plenty of pried up and down, If you pull it down, it's -- open. 5. The car is most likely to be locked, sensor failure or accidentally press the lock button, shut the door to leave the lock - at this time please locksmith help, their disorderly hook may hook off the drive rod or wire, all kinds of models are different structure, easy to cause much damage or hook is hooked.

Four, the door, lock suddenly can not open

1. When closing the door violently, (most of them are blown shut by the gust of wind suddenly) the inclined tongue of the speaker lock is easy to unhook the fault, or the door is distorted or the lock tongue fixing screw is loose and protruding, and the door frame can not be opened. A. If the horn lock, there is such a situation, see "how to do a piece of anti-lock". B. As auxiliary lock, (mostly installed in iron doors and copper doors) is the lock tongue or handle inclined tongue fixing screws loose protruding, stuck door frame can not be opened. (Find a flat opening screwdriver, from the door to the protruding screw, inward back positioning).

2. It is difficult to turn the handle or key when a foreign object is stuck. (Please make sure that the door opens inward or outward when the person stands on the inside, the door opens outward - the door is pulled inward and the door is pushed outward when the door opens inside. When people stand on the outside, the door opens - the door pushes in hard, and the door pulls out when the door opens. Can reduce the load, and easily twist the door).

3. Do you believe the locksmith who came to pick the lock when he said it was broken and would not open? At this stage, you can find someone else to open to see, after I will often meet with the lock open, the host to tell is a secondary, surprised so quickly opened, on a half-day can't open it, open it won't open lock is broken, want to get a new one (a better lock, maintenance and normal use, with ten years no problem) some excuses won't open would lock shop, requirements in the new, Some are technical, some don't want to spend too much time picking locks. (Always find a reliable lock shop service)

4 car door lock with the key can not be opened, there are two cases: a. From the outside with the key can not be opened, pull the lock rod or button switch from the car, can pull the door, this case is the lock heart drive rod off, (once asked people or their own pull hook drive lock, the most easy to lock heart drive rod hook off). (Remove the decorative plate on the inside of the door, drive the lock core lever, hook back to position) b. Open with the key from the outside, can drive the lock lever (straight can see the lock lever up and down, horizontal is left and right, can not see the sound of switch action) or pull the lock lever from the inside, but can not pull the door, unlock tool this case is the car lock fault, lock internal spring is broken or stuck inflexible.

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