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Lock tips

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When we buy locks, we are worried about the appearance of rust or oxidation without or after a long time of use. This problem is related to the use of data and external disposal problems.

From the point of view of the use, the best data should be stainless steel, especially for the appearance of the data, the more the more light. It has good strength, strong corrosion resistance and constant color. But stainless steel door locks also have a variety of, mainly can be divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferritic stainless steel magnetic, commonly known as stainless iron, a long time, the environment is not good will rust, as long as austenitic stainless steel will not rust, identification is very simple, with a magnet to try to identify.

Copper is one of the most widely used locks. Its mechanical function is good, corrosion resistance and processing function are good, and its color is beautiful, especially the copper cast handle and other lock accessories, with flat appearance, good density, no pores and sand holes. Both strong and rustproof, can be used to plating 24K gold or sand gold and other surface disposal, resplendent, noble and generous, add a lot of color to everyone's home.

Zinc alloy data, its strength and rust resistance is much worse, but its advantage is easy to make messy pictures of parts, especially pressure casting. The more disorderly picture locks seen in the city are very likely to be made of zinc alloy, and consumers should be careful to distinguish.

Steel, good strength, low cost, but easy to rust, usually used for internal layout of indoor locks, not for external ornament.

Aluminum or aluminum alloy, general aluminum alloy (aerospace) soft and light, low data strength, but easy to process.

Two, external disposal

Surface treatment refers to the use of metal electrodeposition (commonly known as electroplating), painting (called spraying), chemical oxidation (coloring) or other processing methods to cover up or form a protective film on the surface of parts. The film is mainly anticorrosive effect, together with the addition of beauty and product usability, is a direct measure of the quality of the product is an important factor. The common methods to measure the surface disposal are: thickness measurement of the cover layer, contact force inspection, salt spray and wetting test, appearance inspection, etc. Coating film adhesion, hardness, wetting test and appearance inspection methods.

Analysis of new code of door lock in China

The new specification of our country's door lock was released in June 2000 and implemented in October 2000. There are 4 original national standards of door lock brand. (including GB8385-97 "External door lock"; Gb8386-87 "Pin insert core lock"; GB8387- "Blade Core Door Lock" and GB8388-87 "Ball Door Lock" in March 1999 respectively into QB/T3837-1999, QB/T3838-1999, QB/T3839-1999 and QB/T3840-1999) issued and implemented in 1988, but, With the continuous development of market economy, door lock products have changed a lot. Product varieties continue to enrich, quality level of continuous progress. The original national norms and professional norms are far from satisfying the needs of lock quality skills under the new situation. In particular, China's participation in the WTO, economic globalization is imperative, China's door lock product level and quality is necessary to progress. In order to be in line with the international standards, in order to reduce the distance with the international developed countries, is conducive to eliminating trade barriers, add export to earn foreign exchange, in order to promote the development of China's lock profession, to participate in international competition. So it is necessary to revise the original door lock specifications, the National Bureau of Light Industry, the national daily hardware standardization in the middle of the release told, the original four door lock specifications were revised. And the original pin door lock (SG205-80) and external double tongue door lock (GB8385-87) annexed, add double button (shanjun) door lock and become external door lock specification. The current light industry code QB is the revised new code.

The revision principle of the new code is: on the basis of the original code can only improve, not decline. We should fundamentally change the backward situation of low product level, low price and poor skill level in Our country, adopt the policy of careful discussion and differential treatment, and revise it in accordance with China's practice. In the revision process, different degrees of non-equivalent use of ANSI (American national code), British BS (British National Code) and JIS (Japanese industrial Code) and other foreign standards as the basis. In accordance with the needs of national laws and regulations, contact product practice, in the process of specification revision according to different needs to make A grading rule, the external door lock and spherical door lock is divided into class A and CLASS B two categories, basically clearly distinguish the difference between the senior villa, apartment and commercial housing, unit residence.

The newly revised specification has higher requirements than the original specification. For class A door locks, the primary goal is to reach the LEVEL of CLASS B in British BS5872, which is higher than the original specification in China, but lower than that in British BS5872 (Note: Grade B is higher than Grade A in THE British BS specification), grade A in the spherical door lock, whose primary objective is close to the level 2 in ANSI/ BOMa.A156.2-1996. The primary target of class B product is close to ANSI/BA, A.156.2-1996 level 3 lock, and much higher than the original Chinese specification. Therefore, China's revised door lock new specification QB/T2473-2000, QB/T2475-2000, QB/T2474-2000 and QB/T2476-2000 are higher than the original specification.

Lock knowledge column

Think before purchasing

Consumer should make the consideration of the following respects before purchasing aluminum alloy lock.

1. The place used and its importance.

That is to think in the street door, hall door, room, bath or channel on the application, in order to select the appropriate function of the product.

2. Application environment, conditions and requirements.

Should ponder the stand or fall condition that applies an environment, if the layout of dry humidity, door, ply, left open the door still is right open the door, open the door inside still is outside open the door, in case buy wrong product.

3. Thinking and embellishing the harmony of the environment.

According to personal love, product procurement should be considered with the harmony of the bedroom and supporting should be common.

4. Think about your family

Consider whether there are elderly, children or disabled people in your home and choose products that are convenient for him or her to use.

5. Think about affordability

Contact family economic situation, economic surplus can be advanced indoor door lock, economic ambition can choose the lower level of products, but pay attention to the selection of advanced or low level of door lock, should think about the strength of the production company can be strong, quality can secure, advocate the selection of appropriate visibility of the company's products, Avoid creating a loss of money and unnecessary trouble and confusion in everyday life.

6. Consider the dealer's commitment and service level

Avoid some dealers from their own interests, introduce some pretend to be fake, shoddy goods to consumers.

How to select when purchasing

When purchasing lock products, attention should be paid to the following

1. Should choose high visibility, stable quality, good after-sales service products of the company.

2. First check the product packaging logo, symbol can be completely (including the performance of the product specification, grade, the name of the production company, address, date of production) packaging can be strong, the contents of the specification and the product can be consistent, careful to prevent exaggeration and reality does not match the appearance.

3. Investigate the appearance quality of non-embroidered steel door lock, including the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cover plate parts and related accessories can be complete, electroplated parts, paint parts appearance color can be gorgeous, uniform, whether there is rust, oxidation traces and damage.

4. Check whether the product can be used reliably and sensitively. Two or more products should be selected for comparison, especially when purchasing two-way lock products, it is necessary to use all keys to separate the internal and external lock for test switch. Also should check not embroider steel door lock's insurance mechanism condition, advocate each lock to try at least three times above.

5. Then check the key tooth status, such as five spoon teeth, each key should not be less than three different spoon teeth, together with the top tooth and the fifth tooth should try not to choose the deepest spoon teeth, conducive to the key plug and not easy to break.
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