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Core lock rapid development trend

人气:183Time:2022/4/18 4:51:29
Lock is a traditional product in hardware industry, which plays an important role in People's Daily life and maintains the safety of thousands of families. In recent years, with the development of pillar industries such as housing and automobile, the consumer demand for locks has been greatly driven, and the rapid development of China's lock industry has also been promoted. At present, there are more than 8000 kinds and specifications of lock products in 20 categories, more than 100 series, and lock manufacturers and lock brands emerge in endlessly.

Of car proportion of car market increases ceasedly, cause common lock supply exceeds demand, and in high-grade lock is to have market potential. It is understood that at present, China's car lock market production and sales are basically balanced on the whole, and with the new projects or expansion of some enterprises, there may be a situation of oversupply. Core door lock is the development direction, from the current lock market situation, door lock market in quite a long time, will still be based on mechanical lock, and mechanical lock mainly has core door lock and spherical door lock. According to the insiders, the core door lock has more development potential, the reason is: from the use of the situation, the core door lock is much superior to the spherical door lock,

(a) its anti-theft performance is stronger than the spherical door lock, with double locks, double locking tongue (square tongue, oblique tongue or cylindrical locking tongue);

(two) the scope of application is wide, both double head double tongue, double head three tongue, and 3 or 5 interlocks, and has the function of inside and outside, there is a point, even disabled people can use, in case of fire is easy to open, spherical door lock in this aspect is insufficient.

Core door locks develop by leaps and bounds

With the development of the market, the core door lock development potential should be bigger than the spherical door lock, the core door lock has been widely used abroad. From the current situation in China, there are not many manufacturers of core door locks, and most of them are concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but the scale is not large, the grade is not high, and the function is relatively simple. The development prospect of car lock is broad, but the market needs calm analysis, do not blindly jump on the horse. Automobile lock market potential is huge, in recent years, with the continuous expansion of China's automobile industry, the development of automobile lock is more and more concerned by many enterprises and individual automobile consumers.

At the present stage, ordinary locks are generally used in cars produced in China. After users buy cars, they will basically change into central control locks or intelligent locks. In today's increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market, manufacturers are expected to replace the current common lock with central lock or intelligent lock in the production of new cars according to user needs. Automobile lock manufacturers should improve the technological content of products to meet this demand. In addition, the development of agricultural vehicles will also provide a broad market for the lock industry.

High-grade lock development still needs to work hard, we make new product development of lock industry, it should be said, no matter in product technology, or product grade, have improved, but high-grade products are few. Many foreign famous lock enterprises have also flooded into our market, such as the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, Korea and so on, it can be seen that if China's lock enterprises do not pay close attention to the development of high-grade lock products, we will lose this market. With the deepening of China's opening to the outside world, the development of high-grade buildings is very fast, so the prospect of high-grade lock market is optimistic. But at present, China's high-end hotels, hotels and other locks are still dependent on imports, domestic high-end lock market is still controlled by foreign locks.

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