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Development prospect of middle and high end locks in China

人气:281Time:2022/4/18 4:51:29
At present, the market application of high-end locks in China is becoming increasingly widespread and popular, and has been more and more optimistic by the industry. So what are its prospects? Let's talk about it.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of prevention is strengthened. Therefore, the demand for high-grade defensive locks is constantly strengthened. According to the introduction, the high-tech products such as biometric identification technology and electronic technology in the consumer market of locks are still basically in a blank stage at present, but the demand desire of market consumer groups to this aspect presents an annual growth of 40%.

In recent years, China's lock manufacturers have increased the development of high-grade lock products, such as Zhongshan Xiaolan Hardware Factory, Shandong Jifeng Group Company, Zhongshan Huafeng Lock Co., LTD., in order to actively refer to the European and American standards for production, independent innovation technology continues to emerge, competitive advantages in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, Korea and other foreign famous lock enterprises have accelerated the pace of entering the Chinese market, local brands and foreign brands in the high-grade lock market ushered in a frontal confrontation, who first attack technical difficulties who can achieve upgrading, so as to share a big cake.

High - grade hardware lock technology to be improved

Locks, no matter in terms of technology, or grade, have improved. Double tongue open security lock, electronic password spherical lock, encryption type magnetic card lock and other excellent quality, high technical content of intelligent lock on the market, is a good performance. Domestic and foreign lock products and technology change with each passing day, lock market this super gold mine is gradually sending out a dazzling golden light.

The reason why it is intelligent is that it has been added to touch screen, password, fingerprint, remote control, wireless, swiping and other high-tech, intelligent elements, more highlights the humanized care. The middle and high-end intelligent door locks have these security protection performance, which can largely protect the life and property safety of users.

A lock seems to be simple, but it takes 110 procedures to complete. Lock industry is not only a traditional industry, but also closely related to high and new technology. Today, lock technology changes with each passing day, we do not master advanced equipment and design level, and do not have a group of high-quality professionals. On the whole, China's lock industry lags behind much advanced technology compared with foreign countries, and lock manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and low-level repetitive construction is serious.

Some small enterprises have backward equipment and are still in the pure mechanical manufacturing stage. They are far from the field of new locks integrating light, machine and electricity, which brings hidden trouble to the whole lock making industry. The mutual opening rate of the lock is high, preventive sex is not strong also caused the dissatisfaction of a lot of consumers.

"At present the competitiveness of many domestic lock enterprises comes from low cost, price war is in full force, the profit of the lock industry is thinner and thinner, some low value-added padlocks need dozens of production procedures to produce, but a lock only a few cents of profit." Senior personage inside course of study thinks, make lock industry urgent need technology and industry upgrade, raise craft level, renew brand innovation mode.

Therefore, although middle and high-end lock products have developed rapidly, the industry still needs to make efforts in many aspects if it wants to go to the next level. Production technology, in the surface treatment and processing technology to improve the durability and decorative products, but also the development and application of new technology, materials, energy saving, reduce pollution. In marketing, increase the adjustment of product structure, select the right entry point, high-tech, high value-added door lock as the focus of research and development, pay close attention to quality management, strict quality standards. The innovation of lock industry requires enterprises to change their concept, change the idea of imitation, master independent technology, increase the investment in equipment, technology, research and development and patent innovation, improve the technological content of products and increase the degree of product differentiation. At the same time, enterprises should pay attention to enhance brand awareness, implement brand strategy, so as to change their own situation, seize the high-end market share, promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

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