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When a smart door lock is no longer just a lock

人气:235Time:2022/4/18 4:51:29
At WWDC in early June, Apple gave a brief talk about HomeKit, its smart home platform. When discussing HomeKit's features and supported hardware devices, the word August appeared on the screen. August means "August"; It's a smart door lock that will be supported by apple's future smart home platform. Some people call it the "August Smart Lock."
Door lock is the first security barrier, is almost every day in the family will use equipment, in the big wave of smart home, intelligent door lock is also a trend, August intelligent door lock can be said to emerge at the right moment. Different from the smart door lock made by domestic famous smart home enterprises with iot sensing, August smart door lock can also be called Bluetooth smart door lock, because it is mainly connected with mobile phone through Bluetooth pairing, allowing users to unlock using mobile phone. At the same time, users can set visitor permissions through their mobile phones, and only "invited" people can bring their phones in. In addition to supporting mobile unlocking, it retains the original method of unlocking the lock -- key unlocking.
The August Smart Door lock has been on the market since late May last year, but it hasn't been available yet, scheduled for October. August's smart door lock looks good, but it doesn't look or function very well. However, August's CEO doesn't think so. He claims that August is not just a door lock, but a "robot" that opens the door for you. Is it a "robot" that opens doors for you? Such a camp lock concept novelty degree may be higher than the intelligent door lock itself, but if the initial intelligent door lock can be called "robot", if further upgrade will be called what?
It doesn't matter what the name is, but the smart door lock may no longer be a lock, but a weapon. When the intelligent door lock is no longer a lock, its function must be more powerful than now, far from your August intelligent door lock can match. August smart door lock is connected by Bluetooth, may unlock with mobile phone, but also through mobile phone induction, do not let the user take out the phone, but it is a "robot", or a smart door lock, and can not be called a lock on the smart door lock function must be more outstanding and unexpected, at least not just connection, control, induction, And be able to do other things that people don't understand or even know about.

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