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How to choose and match the door lock?

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Indoor door lock is every family decoration is indispensable, no matter how simple you are in the decoration lock is never the goal of Jane. In modern life, the choice of locks is no longer simple and practical, more attention to a sense of art, pay attention to the quality of the all-round quality. So how to make the purchase of some good indoor door locks? And to show a good sense of decoration.

One, from the function to choose

In the home outfit is decorated, look like common hardware often can cause serious safety hidden trouble. Need to face the important position of locks in the home:

1, anti-theft function: in the door, master room, study to add basic anti-theft function, to ensure the safety of life and property.

2. Fire prevention and escape function: the design of this function can avoid hidden danger to life in emergencies. If the lock is not fireproof, the lock body will be deformed under high temperature, which will lead to failure to open and delay the time of escape.

3, anti-bacterial function. The highest frequency of cross-infection is among family members, and door locks are one of the main ways of transmission.

So the antibacterial property of lock material is extremely important. Suggestion: in the kitchen and toilet, it is easy to remain and breed bacteria. It is advisable to use the door lock of advanced stainless steel or zinc alloy with antibacterial effect. Children, the resistance of the elderly is weak, the same should use advanced stainless steel door lock or zinc alloy door lock.

Second, the material is very important

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of material door locks on the market, choose green and environmentally friendly products, to ensure the health of family life:

1. Space aluminum -- easy to process and form; Low development cost; Soft texture, easy to deformation; Low strength, poor impact resistance; Color cold hard monotonous, easy oxidation, short life; The design is drab and simple, the material itself is cheap in value and the fire prevention function is poor.

2, zinc alloy - easy casting processing, low development cost; Style, surface color; Low strength, poor impact resistance, poor rust resistance, internal material is prone to oxidation, spots; Brittle and easy to break, not anti-drilling, anti-pry, anti-saw; The material itself is cheap; Low temperature resistance; Poor fire protection

3, stainless steel - corrosion resistance, high strength, fire prevention, anti-drilling, anti-skid, anti-saw, anti-impact, long service life; Uniform texture, good density, no pores, trachoma, bright and uniform color, fine; Green environmental protection, complex production process, high development cost

Three, the preparation work before the door lock purchase

After determining the function of the door lock and comparing the material, according to the needs of the family, determine the size and opening of the customized solid wood door (Haishman door lock for general type, can adjust the direction of their own), that is, you can make the preparation before the purchase:

1, before the purchase of the door lock, the first statistics need to lock the door thickness and width of the door frame, so that the length of the lock core and the width of the lock body configuration.

2, the door has single open, double open, left and right open points, need to understand the door to open, so as to facilitate the configuration of the door lock to open. (Note: hinge mounted on the left side of the door is left open, hinge mounted on the right side of the door is right open)

3, the color of the door and the style of home decoration.

4, door hardware as the supporting products of the door lock, should keep in harmony with the design style of the door lock, shape the group beauty and maintain the integrity of the design.

Four, stainless steel lock and zinc alloy identification

Health and environmental protection are important factors in household culture in recent years, and they are becoming more and more enthusiastic.

Therefore, the forged copper lock with bactericidal, bactericidal and beautiful shape is heating up in the global market, which also brings the status quo of fish-eye mixed beads in the door lock market. The following for several different materials of door lock analysis and comparison, to help consumers maintain their legal rights, to identify the excellent characteristics of stainless steel lock:

On market, color of surface treatment of zinc alloy and stainless steel lock is very close, often can appear clerk misdirect customer, be like "zinc alloy material is qualitative plating nickel to pull silk color, tell customer is to pull silk only, do not say qualitative also do not say color", bring about customer to buy zinc alloy lock still think is stainless steel lock. So buy lock, please customers friends carefully identify, can also refer to the following methods to identify:

Method 1. The weight of the same volume stainless steel lock is heavier than that of zinc alloy lock, which can be obviously felt from the feel.

Method 2, scratch method. With a knife or file and other sharp tools in the reverse side of the panel scratch, hard and hard to scratch and mark the same color inside and outside the stainless steel lock, soft and easy to scratch silver white zinc alloy lock.

Method 3. Identification method of top mark. Stainless steel lock material is hard, there is no positioning support hole distribution in the center line of the panel surface position; Zinc alloy material soft, out of the panel when 4-8 positioning support holes distributed in the inner surface of the panel around and the center.

Method 4. By visual inspection, the surface difference between the two materials can be visually identified. The stainless steel lock has a natural luster, delicate and delicate texture compared with zinc alloy lock, showing the elegant texture under the light.

5. Look for brands and compare them.

Five, in the selection and use of door lock must pay attention to:

1, choose the famous brand door lock produced by the manufacturer with quality assurance (such as: Haishman door lock).

2. Choose a lock that moves in the same direction as your door.

3, pay attention to the width of the door frame of your home, spherical lock and handle lock can not be used for less than 90CM on the door.

4, special attention should be paid to the installation of the door lock, only the end of the insurance fold off, to install, do not take the key of the end of the fold off installation.

5, do not drop oil into the lock heart, if the key starts to work, you can put some pencil core pin into the key hole.

6, if the inadvertent inside the insurance rotation into 90 degrees, already insurance, so can only use the key to start, only the insurance counterclockwise rotation into 90 degrees, can be restored.

7. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a wet cloth. Rotate the lock tongue into the lock body and release it after closing the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the lock.

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