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Han Jun: Unlock malpractice of door lock

人气:296Time:2022/4/18 5:01:59
On the morning of October 22, 2010, a grand meeting of the national wooden door industry -- 2010 China (Jiangshan) Wooden door industry Summit Forum opened grandly in Jiangshan city. Zhongshan Xiaolan Zhenhai Shi Man hardware factory south Korean army to attend jiangshan wooden door industry summit forum speech, search door network included and published in the original.

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

I am zhongshan Xiaolan Zhenhai Shi Man hardware Factory Korean army, had the honor to attend jiangshan wooden door industry summit forum, very happy. I am very honored and excited to speak at the conference today. I would like to briefly introduce some experience of cooperation with the door factory today.

The door and lock are fish and water; "Horse" and "saddle", both are indispensable, complement each other. What a door does is good again, do not have a good lock to cooperate, also reflect the quality of the door. In our cooperation with the door factory, we found the following problems:

First, the hinge quality is not good, loose too big, the door is loaded after sinking, leading to the door can not be closed. In addition, there are hinges on rust, plug off and other phenomena, all affect the quality of the door; Two, the door lock quality is poor, electroplating is too thin, a year later the surface is oxidized. Spots. In addition, there is a high rate of lock key mutual opening, lock body close the door to open the door, but also affect the quality of the door. Three, the door is very good, the hardware lock is also very good, because the carpentry terminal level, uneven. Opening technology is not the same, the two with poor, and ultimately affect the quality of the door.

Comprehensive above, I suggest wooden door enterprises, in the sale of wooden doors at the same time. With hardware, its benefits are as follows: a: to ensure the quality of the product, from the factory will be the wooden door keyhole hinge hole open, so that the door lock and door page in the terminal installation of the general carpenter can solve. Very simple, because of mechanical opening, high precision, unified standards, quality has been guaranteed; Two: convenient consumer, standardized standard, unified the quality of hardware. Because the door factory in the choice of door lock, hinge is examined and demonstrated, quality is guaranteed, the factory opened the door hole, consumers also save time, trouble and money; 3. Additional profits are obtained. Due to large-scale procurement, the price is relatively low, and reasonable management and ease of use terminal agents can also accept it.

In addition, our hardware lock industry hope: wooden door industry in the drafting of industry standards, plus hardware configuration standards. Panel and handle modeling can be matched according to the characteristics of the door with different face type and handle, but the internal opening, to be relatively unified. For example: the gusset plate of door lock body, the four corners of hinge. Some doors should be round, some should be square. If the norms are unified no matter do door and do hardware and terminal to buy the door are convenient.

Finally, I would like to briefly introduce our Haishiman factory. Our factory specializes in locking, hinge and door suction, and has cooperated with many companies in the wooden door industry. President Zhang and many chief door managers have visited our factory.

Positioning: high-end quality, medium price. I plant long-term cooperation with wooden door industry, has accumulated a lot of successful experience. Here, I promise to you: "Haishman" hardware quality problems within a year, unconditional return, lifelong service. If there is a quality problem because of "Hiesman" hardware. I plant full compensation. In addition, OUR factory also promises that "Sea poem man" will never cut corners, and the gold-plated door lock is definitely real gold and silver. If it is not real gold, each lock will compensate 1000 yuan.

Welcome the wooden door association to supervise our factory, welcome the wooden door enterprises to choose our "hai Shi man", let us work together, mutual benefit and win-win, create a better future. Zhujiang mountain wooden door industry summit forum a complete success. Thank you!

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