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Must know the door lock feng shui knowledge!

人气:250Time:2022/4/18 5:02:46
Lock should be new, use too long time, lock rust old, not only safety and performance can not guarantee, feng shui will also affect. When the door god is old, he can't keep the devil and the snake. That's not bad luck. Think of the door lock as spiritual, a door lock can be matched with more than one key, but the person who holds the key if the house is related to the person, or is related to the door lock, 'door god' will not help an unrelated person. There is also the door and the lock does not match, such as the door opening position, size, material, color, shape and open direction, the position of the lock is also very important.
The door lock also has five lines
The five elements of door lock are 'gold wood, water, fire and earth', but the five elements are not the material that points to door lock, however from its shape, design, liyingwaihe will resolve.
'Golden lock' generally means a separate door lock; 'Wooden lock' generally means a lock for the door;
A 'water lock' is a lock that closes doors without a key. Users of this lock usually have to carry a key when they go out, for example, to take out the garbage and the door is closed by the wind.
'Firelocks' are combination locks and remote locks. They're used in everything from safes to garages.
A 'dirt lock' is not a real lock, it means to close the door with something else, like a chain. The five elements of the door lock and the five elements of the collocation, if the choice is not appropriate to affect the fortune.
Gossip or to remind everyone, the key lost lock for lock, do not lend the key to others, property security, fire prevention and theft are closely related to us
From the perspective of geomantic theory, the door lock is related to people's fortune, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The door lock is rusty and worn.
2. Many people have the key to the door lock, but the point is that some of them have nothing to do with the door.
3, the lock of the door itself does not conform to the door, that is, the door and the lock do not match.

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