Is the smart door lock really much safer than the ordinary door lock?

Of course, for why smart locks can be safer than mechanical locks, we can go a little deeper to understand what kind of products smart locks will be the same:
What is a smart lock:
The simplest understanding, plus the mechanical door lock with electronic control function, is the simplest intelligent lock. Of course, in the electronic control part, it will be more complicated than the ordinary password lock. Through biometric identification, password keyboard, Bluetooth adapter, network function, etc., the signal linkage electronic function to unlock, can also be like a mechanical door lock, through the key to unlock. The basic structure of the lock cylinder and the lock body is also close to the traditional door lock. Of course, in order to cope with the failure of the electronic structure caused by the emergency, the inner door panel of the intelligent lock will also have a mechanical unlocking structure, which can be unlocked mechanically.

Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the intelligent lock has the characteristics of safer, more convenient and more intelligent.

How to be more secure:

The reason why the smart lock is safer, this point from the most basic structure of the door lock: the lock cylinder. According to the latest domestic mechanical lock safety standard "GA/T 73-2015", the safety level of the lock cylinder is divided into three levels: A, B and C (super B), and the safety increases in turn.

Class A: Technical opening time is more than one minute. The common shapes of keys are straight and cross-shaped keys, and the structure is very simple.
Class B: Technical opening time of more than five minutes. The shape of the key has a single row of crescent keys, double-sided blade keys, etc., and the structure is relatively complicated.
Class C: The technical opening time must be greater than 270 minutes. The shape of the key is a single-sided blade inner milling groove or outer milling groove key, the structure is complex and cannot be opened with tools, otherwise the inside of the lock cylinder will self-destruct and cannot be opened, thus protecting the lock from being unlocked.

The current smart lock, big brand products are standard C- level lock cylinder with the highest safety level, compared with ordinary mechanical door locks, natural safety level is higher!

2. How to make it easier:

In the traditional ordinary door lock, there is only one kind of key to unlock, so the key has become a must, and the convenience is poor. In case the key is lost, even the door cannot be entered, and even the potential safety hazard caused by others. Intelligent lock with a variety of ways to unlock, simple and convenient, starting from the key to help enhance the use of feeling.

At present, the mainstream of intelligent lock unlock way:

Common smart lock unlock way
One of the biggest advantages of smart locks is the use of biometric unlocking, so major manufacturers have spent a lot of thought in this regard:

Fingerprint identification: at present, the most mature scheme, mainstream brands have rarely used optical identification, more is the use of more advanced FPC semiconductor fingerprint identification module, through the identification of fingerprint surface concave and convex surface capacitance difference information, improve the success rate of identification and put an end to the possibility of non-living fingerprint unlocking.
Face recognition: As a new popular recognition method in recent years, it is now upgraded to 3D face recognition. The three-dimensional facial features are identified by the eye difference camera to unlock. This three-dimensional recognition can still be successfully identified even after wearing makeup or glasses and other accessories, and effectively prevent planar face information (such as photos or videos) from being cracked.
Finger vein recognition: It is a biometric technology that has been placed on smart locks in recent years. It solves the situation that the recognition rate is very low due to the poor state of the fingerprint during fingerprint recognition. Especially for the elderly and children, their fingerprints are often shallow or their epidermis is not damaged well. However, finger vein recognition can not be affected by fingerprint status by identifying the arrangement of vein vessels in fingertips, and the safety and recognition rate are very high.
How to be smarter:

The intelligent experience of smart locks is far more than a variety of unlocking methods. Through networking with APP, functions such as anti-pry alarm, password trial and error alarm, door front monitoring, remote unlocking, etc. can be realized. Through the intelligent lock network, but also with different brands of smart home products to achieve home intelligent system formation, in the intelligent feeling, the sense of experience is far beyond the mechanical door lock.



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